SIGNAL Sport and Community Center

SIGNAL sport and community center is a community based institution entrusted to train potentially gifted youngsters in football and other selected sports activities. The center mainly focused on to produce physically & mentally competent & ethically sound young sports elites for regional national and international competitions.


Our aim is build a sports and community center to promote and facilitate a number of sports related programs and community-social initiatives. The centre will benefit the children, youths, young-women and community of Holeta town and its surrounding community through proving a hub for activities to take place. The centre is run by ‘signal’ and the existing ‘LEMI GARI’ community based organization.


The centre is located in Oromia Region, Holeta town, Burka Harbu Kebele, near Burka Harbu Primary School, within a large block containing a number of civic functions. Holeta is located 35 km west of addis Ababa.


When the construction of the center finalized, it will have the following major components:

Two Guard houses building, two clinic rooms building, administration building, site office, male changing room, female changing room, toilet buildings, water tower, screen in front of toilets, football pitch, viewer seating, gentle ramp-up, main entrance, organic vegetables garden , students reading room and parking.


Major Activities:

  • The centre provides well organized, sustainable and result based football training for selected children and youth including young women using our dynamic and visionary coaches and team leaders.

During the training period, the children and youth learn how to pass, dribble, and shoot including other basic football training techniques.

  • A fundamental gymnastics class where children and youth that improve their physical fitness is given

  • A safe and fun environment for children and youth to play and interact with other sports including basket ball, volley ball and hand ball.

  • When the construction of the center totally finalized, it will be open for different community public events and computations.


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