SIGNAL football project  established young girl’s football team to improve women’s representation at local levels of football games by challenging discrimination and lobbying for the success of women sport and eliminate negative attitudes towards women in different sectors. Currently 25 young girls under 21 years old are getting continuous and organized football training at SIGNAL Sport and Community Center.

SIGNAL  Grassroots football training program started On January, 2016 in cooperation with Holeta town sport office to create professional football players and contribute on children and youth physical and mental development. Training, computation and creative activities are essential elements of the program. Up to now, more than 310 children are involved in the training program.

Football unifies all religious groups. The temple, the mosque, the vihara may be different from one another. The idol or the symbol in them may not also the same but almost all religious groups have common ideal, worship of the Lord. In football, from whatever religious group you come, you think together, you play together, you train together, you win or loss together, even you pray together. In SIGNAL football projects: Muslim, Christian, Protestant, catholic, waqeffaana and other religions group works together, pray closely, help each other and have good team spirit.


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