SIGNAL Football project


SIGNAL Football project is a voluntary youth led organization formed by a young social entrepreneurs, environmentalist, sport professionals, business advisors, merchant, community representatives, football players; responding to socio-economic youth development (youth challenges) in Oromia Region, Holeta town through implementation of community based integrated projects targeting the youth and children.

The main concern is to informing, empowering, educating, inspiring and gathered them to solve their problems in which the children and youth are involved in positive activities that will ensure socio-economic development.


Legal status

SIGNAL Football project is registered with the Oromia Region Youth and Sport Office, on the 12th of May 2018.  Currently it is has 20 members of which 25% are women.

Organizational Structure of Lemi Gari Children and Youth Sport Program

Lemi Gari has a general assembly and board of directors consisting of five members under the general assembly. The president, who is responsible for planning, running and reporting the day to day activities of the office, is assigned by the board of directors. Whereas the general assembly is the highest organ to make critical decisions the existence and key operations of the organization. The program currently has a total of 10 staff members.



  • To provide well-organized, continuous and systematic football training

  • To provide self-reliance and self-determination

  • Provisional of variety training in economic, education, social and culture



  • To enhance socio-economic capacities of Young people through asset based community development, thus working hand in hand and collaboration so as to achieve self reliance and sustainable livelihoods and growth through health, education and poverty alleviation programs at grassroots levels.


Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission

  • To create an enabling environment and act as a catalyst and facilitator for the promotion and development of children and youth personality development and sports at regional level.


Our vision

  • To be responsive to the aspirations and needs of children and youth, empowering them for a better future and fostering a culture of sports.


Our values


Our values



We believe by doing something to achieve our aim



Living for others is our core motto



We are capable of facing extreme danger and difficulty without retreating



Completely we trust and confidence in God



We are guided for the quality of being honest



We are guided for the highest standards of professional ethics



We foster the ability to do something or act in a particular way



We have strong and barely controllable emotion for our job



We  have experience, knowledge and good judgment






We practice to justify actions or decisions.



Major Activities

  • Football and other sports training for children, youth and young women of Holeta town

  • Capacity building trainings

  • Organize sports related programs, computation and events

  • Coordinate community-social initiatives

  • Establish and strengthen school civic and ethical education

  • Promoting the concept of good citizen for the wider community


Implementation Strategy: 

  • Strong partnership

  • Focused intervention

  • Integrated approach

  • Strong monitoring, evaluation, research and learning

  • Updated policy documents, manuals and guidelines

  • Capable and motivated staffs

  • Compatible organizational structure.